TORIL: The Forgotten Realms Chronicles

Toril - In Progress

TORIL was founded as a Neverwinter Nights persistent world (PW) project in spring of 2002 and had high promise. The project was started by Bain Croix, Salvatore, Shade Shadowbane and Darpaek. This first incarnation of TORIL broke up when some team members found they could not work together. In December 2002, Bain restarted TORIL, with Shade, Salvatore, Ava, Dao and Elgyth filling out the team. In January 2003, Shade left the ALFA (A Land Far Away) project with his Spiderhaunt Woods server and his DM crew, leading to the joining of the two projects. This merger brought the Spiderhaunt Woods server and mod, as well as adding Carlo to the team.

Shortly after this merger, Bain disappeared and Salvatore left the team. Shade provided web boards and other team members ran modules such as the “Roleplay Orientation Course”, “Desperate Measures” and “TORIL Survival Course” while work on the main TORIL module continued. TORIL, the third incarnation, was alive and moving forward. At this time Athenee also joined the team.

After much work, TORIL was ready to launch. The server was up for one week, during which time it crashed repeatedly. The team decided to take down the mod and rework the core scripts. This was also when a “prequel” mod, called “Mistledale: 100 Years Before” was announced. The setting would be Ashabenford and the surrounding area in the year 1272 DR. Actions by the PCs would impact directly on events in the main campaign year, 1372.

Things were going well until Shade disappeared less than a week before “Mistledale: 100 Years Before” went live. Scrambling, Carlo lead the team and put together a forum on the Bioware Neverwinter Nights site, contacting as many members as possible about the change of address. This was the fourth incarnation of TORIL.

Mistledale: 100 Years Before was successfully launched in summer 2003. Lafter graciously agreed to host the module on his server. This period saw TORIL standardize its script base and test many concepts for the “main” TORIL module launch.

In September 2003, “Mistledale:100 Years Before” successfully completed a three-month run. Shade returned for a short while, before joining Elgyth and Carlo in departing the project. Cedrist, who was “Player #1” on the original Toril project, took on the duties of Team Coordinator for the fifth and final incarnation of TORIL, which had numerous team changes. The project disappeared from the internet without warning in July 2007, returning for a short while before disappearing again in October.

“You can’t kill a good idea. Especially not when that idea is what makes TORIL such a unique place: serious roleplaying with a mature and strong community of like-minded people. People may go and come, but the idea lives on.”

TORIL Archives and Project Records

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Tale by the Fireside in the Helm